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Rob Schneider (right) co-wrote with a monkey.

I'm no snob -- I don't think there's any inherent reason why a movie starring Rob Schneider as a guy who regresses into crudely animal behavior following experimental surgery can't be good fun. But The Animal doesn't even try to be good. Containing exactly enough funny ideas to fill a two-minute trailer, the film has this slipshod, who-gives-a-shit quality that should play as an insult even to multiplex audiences (including the kiddies for whom the bestiality jokes are probably inappropriate). The best special effect, by far, is John C. McGinley's performance as an excruciatingly buff cop with a grudge against Schneider's Marvin Mange character. Otherwise, this is distinctly sub-Sandler material.
Directed by Luke Greenfield
Written by Tom Brady and Rob Schneider
from a story by Tom Brady
Tech credits are negligible
Starring Rob Schneider and Colleen Haskell
USA, 2001

Theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screened at Cineplex Odeon Universal Studios, Universal City, CA

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