Braindead (aka Dead Alive, 1992)


New Zealandís multi-talented Peter Jackson takes zombie comedy to its obvious (?) apex, with this, unquestionably the single goriest film ever made. With wicked wit, split-second timing, and a sense of the grotesque that crosses Heironymous Bosch with Monty Python, Jackson lays out an unimaginably grisly, nightmarish zombie fantasy and plays it for laughs. After Lionelís mum is bitten at the zoo by a Sumatran rat-monkey, family life becomes Night of the Living Dead. And there goes the neighborhood: Jackson works out about a jillion ways to pulverise the human body during an extended siege on the family spread, and the whole thing finally climaxes on the roof, as the dysfunctional mother-son relationship grows to outrageous proportions. If youíve the stomach for it, this is the most satisfying comedy of the decade.
Nightmares of Depravity: Unlucky 13 Horror Films
Reviews by Bryant Frazer