The Double Life of Veronique [La Double Vie de Veronique] (1991)


This one is bound to seem a little suspect to more jaded eyes, and itís hard to explain why I love it so. But I do. Director Krzysztof Kieslowski is stubbornly obscure, spinning the tale of the French Veronique and the Polish Weronika (Irene Jacob). Each is the otherís perfect double, and the two never meet, though Veronique seems strangely aware of her counterpart. It could be written off as blithe New Age-ism, if it werenít for Kieslowskiís near metaphysical sense for emotional storytelling. Slawomir Idziak's cinematography is wondrous, with the camera dwelling on windows, lenses, and Jacob herself -- Kieslowski's accomplice in this mystical inquiry.

Unfortunately, the sides of each picture on the U.S. video releases of the film are cropped to fit your TV screen; bring a friend and see it in a theater if you can.

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Reviews by Bryant Frazer