Halloween (1978)


John Carpenter scored major points by nailing the essence of middle American terror. Halloween's Michael Myers struck fear in the hearts of moviegoers with an embodied Evil that made short work of suburban serenity. Responsible for jump-starting Jamie Lee Curtisís career, this one so thoroughly and thoughtfully exploited American angst that itís no wonder we had to sit through a slew of derivative slasher flicks for the better part of the next decade. Try to see it on Criterionís laserdisc, where the essential Panavision frame is intact, and you can look at this again with a fresh eye. Director of Photography Dean Cundey helped define the widescreen Carpenter style through the 1980s, but is better known for the miraculous cinematography of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Jurassic Park (1993), and Apollo 13 (1995).
Nightmares of Depravity: Unlucky 13 Horror Films
Reviews by Bryant Frazer