La Jetee (1962)


La Jeteeís fans insist that itís the finest science fiction film ever made, and why not? Itís truly unique, implementing a series of hundreds of unmoving pictures, beautifully edited together to tell a mind-bending story of time travel that doubles as a melancholy fable about memory, loss, childhood, and destiny. Only for a moment is there any action on screen (besides the implied action in the cuts from shot to shot), and that motion is one of the cinemaís most profound. It's no exaggeration, finally, to say that La Jetee may represent film's closest approach to poetry.

This has been dubbed onto video from prints of varying quality; your best bet is a university film series or perhaps an art house or museum near you.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Otherwise: 10 Hypnotic Film Experiences
Reviews by Bryant Frazer