My Twentieth Century (1989)


Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi crafts a turn-of-the-century history of twin sisters (including, charmingly, Edison's invention of the lightbulb). One is a cooing sensualist; the other a bomb-tossing radical. Neither character is especially well developed, but that doesn't matter much (if you pay attention, you may gather that political allegory is at work here). Actually, the story is only one among many reasons to delight in this movie, which offers gorgeous black and white visualizations of odd little vignettes and puzzling non sequiturs that combine to create a whole experience that is puzzling and intoxicating.

Fox Lorber released this on home video with "easy view" subtitles, meaning a gray box blots out what seems like 20 percent of the picture on your screen. Try to see it in a theater, but it seems unlikely that you'll have the chance.

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Reviews by Bryant Frazer