The Player (1992)


Robert Altman snatched his hip credentials back from the jaws of obscurity when he released this brilliant little picture (from Michael Tolkinís cynical little novel), about a studio executiveís murder of a movie screenwriter. Not since Sunset Boulevard (youíve seen Sunset Boulevard, havenít you?) has such a scathing film about Hollywood actually come from inside Hollywood. Tom Robbins is just about perfect as the title character, and heís backed up by literally dozens of big-name stars who add authenticity to the murky soup that greases the wringer through which Altman runs the moviemaking establishment. Fred Ward, Vincent DíOnofrio, and Greta Scacchi are all fabulous to watch, and how can you not love a film which posits -- with a very nearly straight face -- dropping the screenwriter out of the moviemaking process entirely?
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Reviews by Bryant Frazer