Re-Animator (1985)


A deliciously gross horror movie for horror movie fans, director Stuart Gordon's tour de force adapts a series of H.P. Lovecraft stories into a creepy, disquieting comedy. Herbert West (is the med school student obsessed with creating life -- he makes his first experiences on his new roommate’s bothersome cat, then graduates to humans. With an influential running gag featuring a severed head (the corresponding rape scene is in outrageously poor taste) and an unbelievable set piece that takes place in a hospital morgue, Re-Animator was an instant cult classic.

Beware of the 97-minute R-rated version, which is longer than the 87-minute unrated cut, but inferior in every way (both are available on videotape). Elite Entertainment has promised to make a new widescreen laserdisc available in August, offering the preferred version of the film along with even more deleted footage.

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Reviews by Bryant Frazer